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Electromechanical and Hydromechanical Equipment for Hydroelectric Power Plant, Dams and Transmission Lines.


Turbines, Generators, Butterfly Valve, Power House Auxiliary Equipment (BALANCE OF PLANT), Gates, Servomotors, Hydraulic Units, Lifting Equipment, Adduction pipelines, etc.

Installation and Commissioning

Main Equipment (Turbines and Generators), Electrical and Mechanical Auxiliary Equipment (BALANCE OF PLANT), Hydraulic works Equipment, Equipment for Substation and Transmission Lines.


Electromechanical Direction and Coordination. Progress Control and Quality Control. Transport Logistics and Import formalities. Coordination of Erection and Commissioning. Interconnection to the National Electric Network.


Roads, Bicycle lanes, jogging paths, sidewalks, football – multiuse fields, fast food areas, pump cabins, stations, facilities for children’s games, sanitary – storm sewerage system, electrical and telecommunication pipelines.

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